Digital Presentation for AIGA Chicago: Harri Boller

“Harri Boller lived design in a way that quietly denied decoration and frivolity, and embraced functional, modernist beauty.” I designed this video tribute to Harri Boller, on the occasion of his recognition as the 2012 AIGA Chicago Fellow. The digital presentation Includes professional highlights and images that connect his personal life to his design profession. My letter recommending Harri for this prestigious honor is included below; it was one of five recommendation letters to the nominating committee on his behalf.

AIGA Chicago
AIGA Chicago honored Harri Boller with the Fellow Award in 2012

I was one of six Chicago designers invited to contribute to the nomination of my design mentor Harri Boller to be an AIGA Chicago Fellow. 

+ Art direction and design
+ Presentation created in PowerPoint—slides are shown here in video format

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